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The State Bibliography Department

The State Bibliography Department was established in 1968. The main task of the department is to receive books, brochures, fine art publications, Maps, calendars and albums published in the Republic, received by the departments "reception and control” and" Statistics” Book Chamber, drawing up a layout, drawing up a decimal and library – bibliographic classification, drawing up bibliographic descriptions according to instructions, monthly publication of the "printed chronicle" in 1938, "book chronicle" since 2008, 1 time a year “publications of fine art.  Cartography. The Chronicle of Notes "(1961 Fine Art, 2000. Cartography, 1955.Chronicle of notes). Accepting international, Cross-country, republican, city, industry, public, regional newspapers and magazines, selecting articles from these printed products, revealing their brief contents, compiling analytical descriptions, classifying them by each branch of science with a universal decimal classification, making layouts, since 1957, monthly compiling " chronicles of newspaper articles”, since 1938, monthly supplementing reviews published in newspapers and magazines 1 time a year.  Publishes bibliographic indexes "Chronicle of reviews".

 The State Department of Bibliography, when writing, processing bibliographic and analytical descriptions of printed products, develops interstate standards - the "system of standards on Information, Library and publishing" (SIBID):

ST RK 2383-2013 " Ed. Output data. General requirements and rules of registration"  
The appendix, prepared on the basis of international standards, is the regulation "the procedure for shortening and using words and phrases in the Kazakh language used when writing a bibliographic description for printed works"
GOST 7.34-81. "System of standards for information, library and publishing"
GOST 7.1-2003. " bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General procedure and rules of bibliographic recording"
GOST 7.12-93. "bibliographic record. Abbreviated words in Russian. General procedure and rules"
GOST 60-2003 " edition. The main types. Terms and definitions"
GOST 7.61-96 " edition. State (national) bibliographic indexes. General order and rules of recording"
GOST 7.80-2000. "Bibliographic record. Topic. General procedure and rules of subscription") also,
The instructions for compiling bibliographic records of books, newspapers, magazines, compiled on the basis of this GOST, are used.
Names of bibliographic indexes:

"Book Chronicle" 1 time per month;
"Chronicle of journal articles" 1 time per month;
"Chronicle of newspaper articles" 1 time per month;
"Fine art, cartography and the chronicle of music" 1 time a year;
The chronicle "reviews" is published 1 time a year.
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